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​We deliver a quality environment for our members and a community where you can enjoy crowdfunding to the fullest. Backing projects is awesome. We get that. We are also backers. It's the coolest feeling when a package finally shows up at your door and you are one of the first people holding that "next-coolest-awesome gadget" in your hands - the same hands that helped to bring that creation to life. Yes, backers are creators too! Adventures are always more fun in groups. We hope you'll enjoy our community as much as we do and we wish you great discoveries!

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We are on the front lines. Marketing is a battle and we know how hard it is to launch a crowdfunding project. We know how many hours you have spent pouring your creativity, time, talent and energy into your project.

Creators are makers. Creating is the next step in evolution and progress.

We create something from nothing...something that was just an idea that before was...nothing more. So thank you for being a maker.

Our community is here to help you make more and do more. So, be more creative, and we will help you with promotion. Let's see what we can do together.