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A Smarter Cap for nuud | The natural alternative to deodorant

Updated: Jul 30

nuud is an all-natural, effective anti-odorant cream; this smarter cap will turn nuud’s tubes into deodorant sticks.

Hello, we’re nuud.

A vegan anti-odorant that is magically effective for 3-7 days.

We live for fresh armpits; fresh as a polar bear garden party.

That means fresh without aluminum, parabens, petrochemicals or any other vague chemicals

Super-concentrated means you use less.

So, we can produce less, pack less and transport less all of which we do climate-neutral.

Our tiny nuud tube is made from 100% recyclable sugar cane bioplastic so the cap with the ridiculously long name will be made from just the same.

Most people use nuud just once every three days - that’s it.

Maybe that’s why we’re already loved by over 450.000 armpits. 

It's basically: screw off, screw-on, rub in. But let's take a closer look.

The magic that naturally prevents the smell of sweat, without clogging pores or irritating skin.

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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