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AiT Smart One | The GameChanger smart desk

App-controlled smart desk - height-adjusting, fully customizable design with many built-in features.

Our unique, height-adjustable desks take care of your health and are easily controlled by a smartphone app.

Each desk can monitor your time spent sitting and indicate when it’s time to get up and continue working in a standing position.

Why wouldn’t we pay attention to our health at work, too?

AiT Smart Desks have all the necessary features of innovative devices: unique, state-of-the-art design, fitness, and health module and mobile application.

AiT is available in a variety of colors, by choosing just the right color combination and the functions you need the most, you can create a desk that suits your style.

Because it's made in EU, there won't be any additional taxes for EU backers, and US backers won't be charged any China import fees.

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