ALBERO | Ultra Silent 3-In-1 Nano Air Purifier

Detect and destroy 99% of indoor air pollutants — bacteria, viruses, VOCs, allergens, mold and more!

ALBERO is an ultra-quiet 3-in-1 smart air purifier for any home or office. It uses innovative nano-purification technology to detect and destroy allergens, bacteria, viruses, odors and toxic chemicals — turning them into water, carbon dioxide and harmless base compounds in the process.

ALBERO’s 18dB ultra-silent cleaning mode is quieter than a whisper — allowing you breathe clean air without disturbance, so you can get a perfect night's sleep. Finally, wake up every morning feeling fully recharged, rested and refreshed.

With the average American expected to spend over 90% of their lives indoors, we need effective air purifiers now more than ever before. Traditional HEPA and activated carbon filters collect contaminants rather than destroy them.  Bacteria and mold can easily accumulate, multiply, mutate and spread from the filter cartridges. Over time, the filters can easily become a source of contamination themselves. ALBERO’s advanced PCO filtration offers a much better alternative to traditional HEPA filters. ALBERO vaporizes contagions even as they attempt to multiply. Bacteria trapped in HEPA filters can grow and be released back into the air you breathe. ALBERO was tested and showed an 83% abatement of bacteria within the first three hours.

Results: 83% reduction of bacteria within the first two hours of use has been reported during the experiment. The microbiological test has been conducted according to norm UNI EN ISO 14698 – 1: 2004 and UNI EN ISO 14698 – 2: 2004​.

Many harmful pollutants are under the 0.3-micron and are too small for HEPA filters to capture. ALBERO showed a 78% abatement of PM 0.3 (size under 0.3 micron) within the first two hours.

Results: 78% reduction of PM 0.3 (size under 0.3 micron) within the first two hours of use. The PM abatement test has been conducted according to norm UNI EN ISO 14644-1.

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