Arebo | The One-Touch Body Dryer

Updated: Jul 30

Arebo is a 1-touch body dryer that dries your body in seconds. Switch between warm and cool air to enjoy maximum comfort & convenience!

Introducing Arebo, a super convenient body dryer designed for all bodies of all ages. Simply step on to activate. Step down and it will turn off automatically. 

Mornings are busy.

Instead of patting yourself down with towels and wearing a shower gown, step right on Arebo. 

Spend the time brushing your teeth, shaving and putting on makeup, while Arebo conveniently dries your body in less than a minute. By the time you put on your clothes, you'll be perfectly dry.

You'll be able to save so much money in the long term, considering the cost of operating laundry machines and electric dryers (which cumulates to over 150 US dollars every year in a regular American household). 

We often forget to wipe some parts of our body: our private parts and our feet. 

Sure, we do have foot towels to wipe our feet, but honestly, when was the last time we washed them? 

Arebo blow dries every part of your body evenly, keeping them extra hygienic. 

No need to worry whether bacterias would grow on Arebo; as it is blowing wind from bottom at around 33-38 mph, water droplets from your body do not amass on the device. As long as you wipe the device regularly, it will be bacteria-free!  

Imagine stepping out of the warm shower right into this warm breeze (32°C/86°F). 

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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