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ARMPAL | World's First 3D Wooden Assembly Tabletop Game

Updated: Jul 27

An interactive tabletop game & A set of building toys for any age! New options for party games and entertainment time.

ARMPAL is a cross-age 3D wooden assembly tabletop game suitable for entertainment between 1-4 people, which could be perfect for either party games or family entertainment.

Based on the same set of the control systems and robot arm, we have designed three sets of components: manipulator caliper, excavator bucket, and magnetic crane.

In only a few seconds, you can quickly transform your device. 

ARMPAL can be used for multiple entertainment modes such as single-player entertainment, two-player battles, and multiplayer cooperation.

The players can use the mechanical robot arm-calipers kit to stack up the wooden cube blocks in turn in the central areas on Armpal exclusive table mat.

The players can use the magnetic crane kit to scramble for the goods in the central area and move them to your own stacking area.

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