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AudioWow | Wireless Audio Studio the Size of A Matchbox

A nano-sized: audio mixer | podcast kit | recording studio | recorder & transcriber | interview microphone | conference call enhancer

AudioWow is a complete audio studio the size of a matchbox, designed for creators on the go.

Incredibly powerful audio technology you’d normally find in a recording studio has been engineered to fit in your pocket, enabling you to do your best creative work wherever you are.

AudioWow replaces your traditional studio setup with a tiny device and a powerful app to enable you to do your best work wherever you are.  

 If you’re a singer or musician you know inspiration comes at any time, with AudioWow you always have a recording studio with you.

Whether you want to jam out and mix your guitar into your vocals, or record over an existing track, AudioWow lets you create studio-quality music wherever you are. 

 Your fancy podcast mic doesn’t always travel with you, so AudioWow lets you record and mix podcasts on location.

 AudioWow connects with your smartphone or GoPro to record crystal clear audio for your content.

Your Instagram stories, TikToks or field journalism will sound radically better because AudioWow has a crystal-clear microphone that is clipped closer to your mouth and clever algorithms enhance the sound quality as it records.

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