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Updated: Apr 17

The world's first collection of portable organizers attachable to your devices.

Beblau is a brand focused on creating accessories for digital nomads. Our first collection has been created to have workers, freelancers and entrepeneurs needs of organization and mobility.

With the beblau products you can have your workspace always organized, having your stuff ready to go for your next meeting.

Digital nomads move constantly from one place to another: from a meeting room to the desk, to a cafeteria, to another meeting room...

To perform their activities, they need to carry work tools always with them besides the laptop: pens, notes, notebook, mouse, charger,... ending up using the laptop as a tray.

And if beblau organizers were your ally?

A range of smart and flexible solutions to organize and carry everything you need to work. Keep everything organized and in place, ready to work or to move from place to place.

Meet the beblau family

FOLD, the biggest one of the family, but small enough to take it wherever you go!

Simple and functional design to carry and organize the basic elements together attached to a laptop or notebook.

It has space to store large items, those who you always have to use to work (mouse and charger), and another space to keep smaller items well organized and handy.

Fold has double functionality: with a simple gesture it becomes a nice desktop organizer. Keep all you need to work ready organized and ready to go to your next meeting.

And also the label serves as a support to place the mobile phone.  It’s so easy!


  • Fold Organizer adapts to your laptop or notebook for easy transportation of your stuff, from one meeting to another. 

  • Fits laptops of 13”, 14'' and 15”. 

  • Fits notebooks A4 and Letter size. 

  • Innovative and unique design and functionality. 

  • Compartments of various sizes.  

  • Double functionality: transportation and desktop organizer. 

  • Easy to transform and attach. 

  • Flexible and high-quality materials. 

  • Quick access to all your stuff. 

  • Size: 29,5 X 21 cm / 11,7 X 8,2’’ 

  • Anti-stain fabric.

The easiest way to take your items with you…this is SLIM.

The flagship model of the family. A fresh look for your stuff, with the versatility you need to organize and transport your most useful objects in a very small space.

Slim is designed to place your personal and work items, electronic accessories, and all you need to take with you to work and be productive.


  • Fits laptops of 13”, 14'', 15'', 17''.

  • Fits notebooks or folders A4 and Letter size. 

  • Innovative and unique design and functionality. 

  • Compartments of various sizes.

  • Flexible and high-quality materials. 

  • Quick access to all your stuff. 

  • Easy and intuitive usage. 

  • Size: 30 X 7,5 cm / 11,8 X 2,9"   

  • Anti-stain fabric.

TWIST, the little one of the family. Versatile and light, a multipurpose element that you can always carry with you to transport what you most need at hand.

You can put it in a notebook, a laptop, to tie your charger cables, in a folder, even leave it fixed on the screen to always have your things at hand. A real ally in your day to day.

The label has a magnet inside, so you can attach your earphones (yes, they have metal inside) when you use TWIST in your desktop computer.

Also, you can use TWIST to cover your protect your privacy.

Twist is made in two sizes to cover more uses, and you can choose between black or gray.


  • Your imagination is the limit!

  • Sizes: Large: 40 cm / 15,75” - for 24" to 27"

  • Pc-Screens.

  • Small: 31 cm / 11,8".

No matter where or with what you work, there is always a beblau for you!

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