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BULO | Breath Analysis Device For Intelligent Training

Updated: Jul 30

Created by ex-SAMSUNG engineers, Bulo is a hand-held device that measures & analyzes the state of your airflow so you can train better!

Think about the things healthy lungs can do for you.

With so many factors threatening your lungs, you need to consciously care for your lungs to be able to do these for the rest of your lifetime. 

BULO is used to measure your breathing activity.

It connects to the Bulo app and gives you data that you can use to train harder and adopt healthier lifestyle habits!

The Bulo app comes with a library of performance breathing exercise videos that also has a library of performance breathing exercises that will always be available to make sure that you can perform better at whatever task you're aiming to accomplish!

BULO stores the measurements and displays them weekly, monthly, and yearly.

BULO measures airflow at intervals of 10ms.

It can precisely measure the amount of air that is being exhaled.

Use this data and tailor it to your own regiments.

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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