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CalfPRO® | The First Leveraged Calf Stretching Tool

The Best and Easiest Way to Get the Deepest Calf Stretch Ever.

CalfPRO® is the world’s first leveraged calf stretching device.

It holds your heel in the perfect position to maximize your stretch safely, easily and effectively.

Maintain control and measure your results over time. 

Get complete leverage and a full stretch from heel to hip with CalfPRO’s clinically-proven, portable, patented design.

The simple answer: a wall or curb just doesn't provide enough leverage to adequately stretch your calves.

A slipping foot and insecure base make it difficult to get the right angles, the correct fulcrum point and enough leverage for a deep, safe stretch.

Using a wall or curb also forcibly bends your toes and foot backward and loads weight on your heel.

This adds extra stress to an already inflamed Plantar Fascia and can lead to other foot injuries and problems.

Unlike other calf stretches and devices, the CalfPRO® doesn’t bend the toes backward, supports your heel, provides a firm, non-slip base, gives unprecedented leverage, and can be used with shoes, socks, or barefoot when you need it most!   

With CalfPRO®, you get a safer, deeper stretch effectively, easily, and without risk

In only one use of CalfPRO®, you will notice an extreme sense of comfort and relief throughout your feet, calves, and hamstrings.

Loosen your legs and even your lower back. CalfPRO® relieves tension in tired and tight calves while lengthening them to make your feet feel lighter and let your legs and body move easier.

This process allows your body to move the way it’s supposed to and removes unnecessary stress on your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.

With CalfPRO®, you can accurately test your calf mobility and see your progress over time!

The test is simple. Place your foot on CalfPRO®.

Pull yourself toward the wall, while keeping your leg straight.

If you can’t touch your hip to the wall, you have tight calves!

Flexible calves also ensure a full range of motion in your ankle and reduce stiffness in the Achilles prior to your next workout.

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