ChargerBee | A Better Way to Charge

The solution to keeping all of your devices charged anywhere you are.

Almost every portable device you buy comes with its own charger and cable.  The problem is those chargers and cables are usually placed right where you need them most of the time - on your desk, nightstand, or kitchen counter.  Taking them out of their usual spot when you need to go anywhere is a pain, not to mention getting home and setting them up all over again.

ChargerBee comes with everything you need, so you can leave all your cables and chargers in their spots at home or work.  Just make sure you charge up the included portable battery before you leave, grab the case and you are ready to go.  No more forgetting something, and best of all no more paying high prices for the cables you already own.

Prototyping our way to success

We didn't sit on our laurels during the design phase. We got to work figuring out what worked, and what didn't by testing our product in real-world environments - while gathering the best data along the way.

All ChargerBees include the following:

Compact Wireless Charging Case

AC Adapter (North American)

2 x multi-head cable (Lightning, Micro-USB, USB-C)

1 x USB-C to USB-C cable (to charge the included USB battery)

The Standard ChargerBee includes a 10,000 mah battery (enough to charge an iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy up to 2.5 times) - better suited for lighter weight.

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