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Cheerble Board Game | Keep your cat happy when you’re away

All-in-one interactive toy for cats: Cheerble Ball + Cheerble Scratcher Maze Type or Cheerble Scratcher Billiards Type.

No More Scratched Furniture!

Now your Cat will have a place where it’s ok to give freedom to my natural instincts and work off my stress.

Chasing the tiny Cheerble Ball through the maze of interesting holes keeps me active, fit, and engaged all day long.

With Cheerble Board Game I have everything I need: A ball to play with and a perfect place to exercise, nap, scratch, and, of course, chase my fluffy prey for many hours.

This magic ball rolls and bounces differently.

You only need to choose the level right for the mood of your cat and fit and leave it on the Playboard.

You can place the lightweight and portable Cheerble Playboard in any corner of the house.

Your cat will absolutely love chasing the Cheerble Ball on the playboard and tantalizing the wand with its feather pom.

Choose the Playboard and the Ball Your Cat would love!

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