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CheerPod | Go-Anywhere Air Mouse and Presentation Tool

2.6-inch Mouse + Touchpad + Laser Pointer. Connect to any devices for seamless control anywhere!

As a game-changer, CheerPod can be used as a full-function desktop mouse, touchpad and laser pointer on virtually any device.

CheerPod is the perfect productivity tool and control device for multi-device!

CheerPod saves your valuable input slot and delivers a fast connection.

CheerPod's universal compatibility makes it a perfect control solution for multi-device.

When CheerPod is used in the Ground Mode, it works as a full-function desktop mouse + touchpad for various devices.

When you are tired of placing your hands on the table while working, try the Air Mode to continue the work in an easier way!

At the flick of a switch, CheerPod instantly gives you gesture control from the comfort of your couch or moving freely around the room!

With CheerPod, meetings and presentations become more dynamic.

Air Mode allows you to move around the room as you present, advancing slides, opening apps, and switching between important documents.

CheerPod is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit the hand and respond to natural hand movements.

Based on the test result, we made CheerPod compact enough that it fits in a pocket for go-anywhere convenience, but large enough to be comfortable for all-day use.

With 20+ days of working time on a single charge, you can rely on it anytime you need it.

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