CircuitMess STEM Box

Updated: Jul 27

Learn the skills of the future with electronic projects delivered to your doorstep

Imagine if you could play with technology like Elon Musk 

Albert Gajšak created a series of fun electronic kits that will help children and adults understand the basics of new technologies everybody’s talking about. 

Also, they’re easy to build, code, use, and play with!   

Every three months, you’ll get a box of custom-made electronic components along with an instruction booklet, code examples, and video tutorials online.

If we were to put this short, CircuitMess STEM Box is a combination of education, electronics, and toys.

Everything we produce is unique, designed with love and tested by kids and adults!

Every project you’ll get was playfully designed for the CircuitMess STEM box.

We do not simply resell other products for a discounted price, we spend 1000+ hours of research, development, and testing for every project you’ll get.

We’ve gone so far that we’ve even coded our own operating system CircuitOS (no developers were harmed while making this)

Less than 1% of Earth’s population knows how to make new technology

Everybody knows how important technology is, but just a small fraction of the population knows how it works and can invent new technology.  

We’re here to change that. Our goal: turning consumers into creators!

Thanks to our kits, you will join the fancy 1% club.  

Every project was carefully developed especially for the STEM Box 

Every box is oriented about a specific topic and will help you learn about the important technologies of tomorrow.   

Devices from some STEM Boxes can be interconnected and paired or used together to further your learning experience (and be more fun).

We’ve learned how to code and design electronic devices thanks to the internet and open-source technology.

Thus, we want to push our work back into the community. 

All our products’ software is fully open-source and available for you to download on our Github page.

The hardware schematics are also open-source and available online.

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