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Comfy Night Spring Pillows | Adjusts To Your EVERY MOVE

Updated: Jul 30

Patented Spring Core System adjusts to your every move while sleeping or sitting, giving you the calming sensation of floating.

Comfy introduces unique pillows with a Spring Core System that adjusts to your every movement, when you sleep and sit, which re-aligns your spine to give you extended comfort, better posture and improved long-term health.

With a soft outer layer and supportive core, comfy pillows are the perfect balance between softness and support. 

We spend about 20 hours a day sitting and sleeping. The lack of physical activity has a negative impact on human health affecting all the body functions.

If the surface is too firm - that keeps your muscles and ligaments tense, so you don’t get enough relaxation during the day and sleep.

Too soft surfaces have an equally negative impact on your spine and shoulders, they deform your posture.

The newest development! It’s a unique pillow for sitting and sleeping, made with your comfort in mind, containing 55 separate springs that cradle your head and spine into the most comfortable position.

In just seconds, the outer layer unzips and separates for easy washing.

Comfy Spring Core System gives your neck perfect support that is just right for a full relaxation of your neck and shoulders.

This ensures no strain or tension, allowing you to stay in extended periods of sleep until your body is fully recovered for the next day.

There is only one thing people like that is good for them; a good night's sleep.

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