Cuppa | Cordless Dimmable LED Touch Lamp

Minimalist | Portable | Cordless | 360° Any Touch | Stepless Dimming | Waterproof | Flame Retardant

Although there are lots of LED touch lamps on the market, most of them:

1). Come with long cords, which either make your desktop messy or are easy to trip over.

2). Come with short cords that can only be used in a very limited area.

3). Are useless if there is no socket on the wall or floor nearby.

4). Are extremely fragile.

No need to invest in loads of lamps or extension sockets. Say goodbye to your messy desktop. Never trip over power cords again. Simply carry Cuppa around and place it anywhere, anytime! A reading lamp, a bedside lamp, an ambient lamp, a backup lamp during a blackout or even just a final touch to your furniture and décor.

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