DIVEROID | Turn your smartphone into an All-in-one Dive gear

Updated: Feb 14

Turn your smartphone into an affordable all-in-one Dive computer, Underwater camera, and Photo-synced log book with Diveroid.

Buying a diving computer, compass, and camera separately for your dive can get pricey over time and not to mention they are very bulky and can weigh you down while diving. At DIVEROID, we thought of bringing the convenience of having a smartphone always on hand, with the technology of monitoring your dive. Our product includes a dive computer, compass, and logbook all in the palm of your hand.

A Diving computer is an essential piece of safety equipment, especially for your first dive. It prevents accidents by measuring the depth, dive duration, and the ascending speed. DIVEROID is the only existing dive computer with an all-in-one solution.

Our colorful and high contrast app displaces all the necessary diving information you need such as depth, dive time, ascending time, and temperature at a glance.

DIVEROID’s safety alerts will notify you at any time during your dive if you have reached your depth stop, or are ascending too fast. In the case of an emergency, our app will let you know what to do at the current depth you are at to stay safe.

An alert will pop up when it is time to stop.

Additional DIVEROID features include:

  1. Tilt Compensated 3D Compass

  2. Your Real-time Diving Profile

You already have a high-quality functioning camera in your hands…your smartphone! Capture endless photos and videos of your dive which can be shared later on via link through the DIVEROID App.

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