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Durgod Fusion | A mechanical keyboard celebrating 80's design

Wired & Wireless | Cherry MX Switches | 3 different designs | PBT Double-Shot keycaps | 40-day Battery life

Durgod Fusion, We're making them like they used to!

We call it Durgod Fusion, and if you've ever had the dream of hitting enter on a mainframe computer, this is for you.

When it comes to the colors, we designed three variants that everyone in this insanely 80's ad would be able to appreciate.

Whether it is Windows, Mac OS, mobile phones, wired, wireless, or even Bluetooth, Durgod Fusion connects to all your modern gadgetry.

Whether its writing kick-ass code, writing lyrics, or editing videos, FUSION enables your creative with every satisfying click.

DURGOD FUSION comes in three color schemes, inspired by different iconic industrial design styles from the '80s.

Say Hello to the Blast from the Past!

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