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Everyone’s hands, grip, and level of control and comfort are different - so why do we all use the same knives?!

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It’s finally time to update the boring traditional chef’s knife! 

Ecriture Perfect Knives are designed to adapt to every grip and every level of expertise

We’ve worked with some of the world’s best chefs to engineer the “perfect” knife. Through our research and development, we’ve designed easy-to-use adjustable-balance knives to tell your story through food.

With a simple slide control, you can change the center of gravity on these weighted, ergonomic knives giving you the highest level of control, precision, and accuracy while chopping, dicing, slicing, cutting, and even disjointing!

Created from industry-leading AUS-10 Japanese steel with sub-zero treatment honed to an astounding 15-degree angle, these knives cut through all kitchen scenarios like butter and will revolutionize the way you will prepare your meals.

 Most chef’s knives are honed to about 20 degrees. Écriture Perfect Knives use high-carbon Japanese AUS10 steel and finish each blade by hand to a SUPERsharp 15 degrees to handle anything and everything in your kitchen. 

 Achieve perfect balance with our patented SwingTech® technology to instantly change the center of gravity to adapt to anything. Perfect for all uses with unprecedented control and accuracy. Easily adjust the balance back for more power and forward for precision cuts.

Your hands are unique. Écriture knife handles are inspired by badminton handles to give you total control. The thinner base is comfortable to hold and the wide top gives you ultimate precision. All of our ergonomic handles are made with soft-touch antibacterial materials to keep you safe and healthy.

Personalize your Écriture knives to fit your home and personality. You can have any name or phrase engraved into the steel blades (up to 35 characters) to customize the knives for yourself or to give as a personal, thoughtful gift to loved ones.

A knife for everything!  With professional-grade Écriture Perfect knives, you will no longer need to waste time and money buying different knives for every need. You get every tool for any possibility in the kitchen.

Écriture uses robotics and technology to ensure dramatically sharp blades to cut, slice, and chop through any food with ease and precision. Sharper than most knives on the market, you use less effort to get the best results

We have reinvented the magnetic knife block with a convertible magnetic knife block that is aesthetically pleasing and fits into any size and style of kitchen. You can mount the magnetized knife holder onto the wall with the provided hardware to hang your knives vertically and save counter space (and keep them away from little hands!) OR use the freestanding eco-friendly Richlite base to store your knives horizontally. Either way, you will have a beautiful germ-free knife storage solution.

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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