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Ekster Key Holder | Say goodbye to lost keys and clutter

Updated: Jul 30

A compact key organizer built for easy access. Away with lost keys and bulky keychains.

The Ekster Key Holder is a minimalist solution that keeps all your keys organized, secure and easy to access.

It's never been easier to access the right key.

The Ekster Key Holder organizes all your keys in a compact, silent stack, which you can flip through with just one hand.

Lost your keys? Just ring them, or locate them on a map using your phone, Google Home, Alexa or Siri.

You'll receive alerts if you leave them behind, and you can use the tracker to ring your phone too.

A built-in LED light ensures that you'll always find the right key and that you won't scratch your car or door in the dark.

This Key Holder stores 3-8 keys comfortably and is built for easy assembly on the go; no tools necessary.

It comes with a magnetic add-on, allowing you to attach larger keys (like car keys) without the hassle.

Ekster products are designed to hit the perfect balance of minimalism and function.

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