Equilibric Vacuum Lids and Pump for 7x Fresher Food and Wine

Keep food fresher for longer with these universal vacuum lids. BPA free. Dishwasher safe.

Freshy! is the technological universal vacuum lid that’s changing the way food is stored and saving consumers from throwing away their food and their money.

It’s what keeping food fresh is all about.

Up to 30% food statistics go to trash

Americans waste a mind-blowing 150,000 tons of food each and every day! That’s 300 million pounds or about one pound of food wasted for every person in the country. Most of the food being thrown away is from spoilage. Imagine how many people could be fed and how much money and food you’d save if you could stop wasting 365 pounds of food (just for you) per year.

Freshy! is a technologically advanced universal vacuum lid with a special silicone coating to form a vacuum seal with just about any size container, dish, or pan.

Freshy! is so fast and so easy to use. Once the lid is placed on top of the container, you simply attach the hand-held turbopump to the lid and in seconds, the air is pumped out of the container allowing you to keep food fresher, keep it tasting better, and allow it to last up to 7x longer than a regular plastic container.

Freshy!’s unique one-touch vacuum technology allows you to keep food fresher, longer.

You’ll be amazed at how fresh your food stays and with fresh food comes fresh taste. So, not only does Freshy! keep food fresh – it locks in the flavor the way Mother Nature intended it to be.

Freshly! is here to put an end to food waste and to help stretch your food dollars by fighting off food’s number one enemy of spoilage – air (oxygen).

The air left in a container that food is stored in can cause food spoilage in several ways. It can help bacteria grow and it can cause damage to foods by oxidation (the same process that makes metal rust).

And now we’ve got the answer to food spoilage with Freshly!

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