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etee | The button-free VR controller

Updated: Jul 30

etee gives you free, fluid, mesmerizing VR experiences controlled by finger proximity, touch, pressure, and gesture.

etee offers you a better way to play.

No need to memorize your button layout.

No need to keep hold of a heavy controller that makes your hand ache.

Just slip etee on, and enjoy smooth control from every finger.

We have patented finger-sensing technology that allows gamers and enterprise users to control any electronic interaction via the power of touch.

You control the play via the touch, gesture, proximity, and pressure of each of your digits, and a thumb trackpad does the rest.

Easy to put on. Hard to shake off! etee is snug and secure on anyone's hand.

etter still, the unique design means a more hygienic controller.

It can easily be wiped down between users.

Our SteamVR software backend is already there - including UI, drivers, firmware.

This campaign will fund work on our bespoke designed tracking component. 

The trackers will be fully integrated, versatile and robust, and detachable. 

etee controllers have one seamless cylindrical surface.

This keeps weight down and functionality up.

etee can be configured to play any game – 2D or 3D.

etee is being integrated into brilliant VR games right now.

Imagine being able to grip a virtual baseball, fire a virtual arrow or knock over opponents with a wave of your hand, just like a Jedi.

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