eWheels V2: Turn Any Pushcart Into A Smart Caddy

Turn your pushcart into a premium electric remote caddy that follows you even over bumps and hills.

eWheels V2 by Alphard Golf turns your pushcart into a premium electric golf caddy that can be controlled via remote or follow you via a magnetic smart tether. It rolls over bumps, goes up and down hills and carries your golf bag through the entire course — without hassle or sweat.

Walking the course is great exercise and allows you to enjoy the course more, but that doesn’t mean you have to strain your arms and back carrying or pushing your clubs around.

No more pushing or carrying means:

With eWheels V2, you can have your clubs follow you wherever you go! Or have them meet you at the next tee — all without straining your muscles. Decrease fatigue and focus on your game.

If you need some more control, simply use the remote control to steer your eWheels V2 to the next tee box. With a max range of 100 yards, eWheels V2 will have no problem getting your clubs ahead, as you and your friends finish off the hole. Powerful motors keep eWheels going strong even as it approaches hills. Save your muscles from pushing or pulling your clubs uphill and let eWheels do all the heavy lifting for you.

eWheels also does well going downhill. As the Hall sensors in the motors detect a downhill slope, eWheels V2 automatically sets a nice, even-paced controlled descent. Your gear will arrive safely at the bottom of the hill without risking damage or even a scratch. Need to stop on an incline? The electronic parking brake will keep your cart from rolling down the hill as you chip on.

eWheels V2 is 100% weather-proof and water-resistant. Don’t fret about rain, eWheels V2 will keep rolling on.

Send your clubs ahead of you while you play the green. eWheels V2 comes with distance timers that let you automatically send your cart 15 and 30 yards out with a single button.

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