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EyeCube丨Solar-Powered Wireless Security Camera

Integrated Solar Powered Camera丨100% wire-free丨Motion Detection丨1080P HD Vision丨Easy Installation

Introducing Eyecube - the all-in-one designed solar powered security camera.

It's wireless, and easily installed, offer high-performance surveillance for both indoor and outdoor use.

After improvements and iterations,  we have successfully shrunk down the solar-power system from a huge size into the size of an apple.

EyeCube is smaller but keeping all features with perfect functions and able to absorb sunlight 270° with easy installation and uninstallation.

When you get your EyeCube camera and fully charged, the built-in 3000 mAh battery would allow the camera to work well for more than 3 months without any cable charging.

EyeCube also has a PIR low consumption mode. it allows the camera to only be activated when something appears within the capture range, and only consumes 30-40 mAh per day. 

Also, the high adaptability allows EyeCube to fit in different scenarios while remaining the convenience of installation.

Although EyeCube can stand-alone(square), there are still amounting bolt and nail hole in the bottom and the top of it, for you to use it in different scenarios.

You can choose the easiest way - drive in a nail on the top. 

Or use it to assemble with some accessories to perfectly match various situations.

Your protection is important don't forget that!

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