FinGears Magnetic Rings: final evolution of the fidget

Updated: Feb 14

Multi-purpose fidget and anti-stress gadget breaking boundaries: awesome tricks, games and a hundred other uses! This is NOT a spinner.

FinGears are free-style, modular magnetic rings unlike any other fidget toy, spinner or anti-stress accessory.

The rings are a magnetic multi-purpose fidget that breaks boundaries: you can use them to do awesome tricks, play games with friends and a hundred other uses!

The rings are designed to be simple, elegant, universal. Easy to use, easy to carry and have unlimited creative potential. FinGears are powered by your imagination, so each person uses them in different ways.

The FinGears team has come up with a dozen tricks, games and everyday fidget-y applications for them, but every new user will add something new.

Stick them to the whiteboard to play an imitation of retro pinball. Play table hockey, billiards, race them along surfaces avoiding magnetic fields. Come up with new tricks and moves to surprise your friends!

The FinGears team is bringing the project soon to Kickstarter with limited-time offers, exclusive pricing and a look inside the design philosophy and fun atmosphere of the most creative and free-style fidget to date.

Get your set today…. Be Magnetic!

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