FOUND GPS | World's Longest Lasting Global Tracker

Rechargeable & 12-month battery life. Real-time location tracker™ works globally on secure network.

Pebblebee Seattle, United States

$385,255 USD by 2,336 backers $375,297 USD by 2,290 backers on Feb 9, 2020

Found is the only tracker on a secure low-energy network that activates just while you’re looking for it. To find your lost stuff, it works without a data plan needed.

Revolutionary low-energy bandwidth extends the battery life from 1 month in active-track mode to 12 months in passive-track mode. Rechargeable by USB-C.

Keeps track of the last-known location, sent to the network every few minutes. Never be left searching local shelters, community message boards, or Facebook for your lost pet again. With FOUND, you can simply sign in to the app to track down your best friend and get them home safely.

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