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Updated: Jul 30

Elevate game night and RPG to a whole new level – Play online and offline with friends & family.

November 19, 2019 – Particula, the company that surpassed more than $1 million with its Kickstarter campaign for the revolutionary GoCube, and 5stars raving reviews after a successful retail launch (app store, google play, Amazon, FB), announced the release of GoDice, the ultimately connected dice.

GoDice brings the most popular & classic dice games (such as Yatzy, Farkle and many more), to the 21st century, with the finest quality, design, and technology.

With GoDice, all the dice are Bluetooth connected (5 or 6 dice in a single set), so the app knows when each die is taken, shaken, rolled, and what numbers come out. It even knows if you’re trying to cheat. GoDice data sync immediately to the app, so paper, scoresheets, writing, tracking and calculating are done instantly and automatically. Gamers are left only with the fun, luck, and strategic part of dice games. Round up a group of friends and roll the dice to get started. Tap your decisions, then watch your scores rise in real-time.

The mobile app comes out of the box with many games for friends and family, bar games, educational games and more, as well as an open API for developers to create their own. Some examples of games are the popular Yatzy, Farkle, Pig, and many more “Roll and Write” games.

GoDice is based on cutting edge technology, and advanced engineering to fit sensors, processing, wireless and power into a standard size of Cazino dice!

The power solution is based on a super-capacitor, rather than batteries, which delivers long product life and super-fast charging. A 10-second charge enables one hour of gameplay.

GoDice includes a sleek, modern carry case that doubles as a charger.

GoDice’s App takes stats and analytics to a new level. Keep up with your performance and get historical data like trend score overtime, average score, games won and lost, game time, power of your toss, number of turns, and more.

GoDice also helps gamers learn and improve. The app offers tips on how to optimize your gameplay. Which dice should you keep? Which dice should you throw? What category should you choose? How to increase your chance of winning? GoDice is there to help.

GoDice can be pre-ordered with prices starting at $59. For more info, visit www.godice.me.

About Particula Particula is a Tel-Aviv-based tech company with extensive experience in software, hardware, and IoT. The team shares a passion for working with small and compact hardware to develop unique, fun and educational products.

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