GoFindMe: A GPS Tracker Works Without Cell Service

Updated: Feb 20

Real-time Tracking. Off-grid Messaging. One-Button SOS. Geofencing. Meshnet. No SIM Card Needed.

GoFindMe is a real-time GPS tracker that works without cell service. By built-in GPS and long-range radio technology, it allows you to stay in touch with people even if your phone fails. GoFindMe is an all-around tracking and communication solution for all kinds of outdoor activities, and for protecting your loved ones.

One of the biggest challenges for outdoor activities is undoubtedly the communication and safety problem in the wild. GoFindMe comes as a good assistant, by allowing you to split and group up later easily, interact efficiently and explore safely. 

Attending crowded events can be full of frustration, when the network is congested with too many users and you find it really hard to describe where you are or find your peers. With GoFindMe, you can connect with your peers instantly and find each other quickly. 

Whether you’re on a business or family trip abroad, communication is most crucial. GoFindMe saves you the hassle of buying a SIM card and enables you to stay in touch without worrying about roaming charges, making international communication a lot cheaper and easier.

During emergency situations when the grid has been crippled and network towers destroyed, GoFindMe gives preppers and survivalists a critical, potentially life-saving off-grid communication network, making the search-and-rescue work smooth and convenient.

Real-time Location Tracking

Track each other instantly by real-time position, distance, direction and trace display. Connect with your group and find every group member easily at all times.

Off-grid Chat via Text & Voice

Send texts, locations & pre-recorded voice messages to your people even without cell service, making communication a lot easier. No worry about message security since it’s all encrypted.​

One Button Emergency SOS

GoFindMe SOS button allows you to send an emergency alarm to other members, even if the paired mobile fails. Others can find the best route to you by shared traces or by the maps.

Automatic Trace Record

Traces are saved automatically, which help you find the correct direction to go back to where you come from if you don’t remember the way going back, e.g. when hiking in the woods.     ​

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