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GoGoLeash| All-in-One Dog Leash and Collar System

The World's Most Advanced Dog-Walking and Training Tool For Your Good Boy or Girl.

We provide you multi-functional dog handles with built-in LED, water tank, poop bag storage, and TWO training modes with a new training collar.

The leash handle has a water bowl and water tank that holds150 ml of water so your pup can quench their thirst anywhere.

We included a built-in storage area to hold up to15waste bags with an easy-tear dispenser.

Incorporated LED lights in the leash handle AND on your dog’s collar to keep you and your pup safe at night or in low-light conditions.  

GoGoLeash’s handle has super bearing capacity up to 100 kg / 220 pounds and you can walk up to 5 dogs with one leash handle. 

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