Gravel Travel System | 42L Backpack, Sling Bag & 11L Day Bag

Updated: Jul 30

Three bags working together as one to adapt to every day on the move.

Gravel here with our fourth Kickstarter campaign! We’re passionate about designing travel products that become trusty companions.

We’re building an ecosystem of travel products that work together. We’ve spent the past 2+ years researching & designing travel bags to enhance the way you travel.

Introducing the Gravel Travel Bag Series - Three travel bags that work as ONE.

Every day on the move is a bit different - you’ve got to be prepared for what’s next. Some days require bringing a lot of stuff like a rain jacket, camera, water...especially when you’re in a new place. Other days you need to travel light.

We found ourselves constantly digging through our bags to get stuff in & out. Travel demands quick access & comfort. Unless you’re the kind of person that packs one pair of underwear you should have a bag that’s designed to keep your stuff right by your side & adapt to you while on the move. We thought there had to be a better way.

Three products were born to work together: 42L Carry-On Backpack Sling Belt (Hip Belt/Sling Bag) 11L Day Bag

See how it all works together. Here's a super high-level overview of each bag.

42L Carry-On Backpack.

Pack it all into a plethora of sensible pockets, access it quickly, & stay comfy with adjustable straps & structure. We'll get into all the juicy details in a moment. Of the Gravel Travel System - this is the home base.

Sling Belt. Yes, we made that up.

We’re super excited to share our patent pending backpack waist strap that quickly detaches from the 42L Carry-On Backpack & converts to a sling bag

A true 2-in-1. You know when you're trying to get to your seat & you have to stuff your pockets full of all your stuff? We thought it would make sense to just...take off the part of your bag already carrying all that stuff and take it with you!

Want to take essentials with you on a day trip exploring? Take it everywhere.

11L Day Bag.

More than just your personal item. It packs neatly inside the 42L Carry-On Backpack, attaches on the outside, & is perfect for your expeditions exploring. Carry's multiple ways. Tons of pockets for water, tech to work remote, & then great for all the stuff you need to explore further.

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