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HIMO Z20 | The Ultra-Dynamic Dual Mode E-Bike

Updated: Jul 30

The E-Bike with Everything You Need for Lightweight, Energy-Efficient Travel

Dynamic Dual Mode CyclingHIMO Z20 is optimally designed for both electric and manual cycling – and everything in between.

It’s up to you to decide how much force to exert on HIMO Z20’s pedals and throttle, which determines acceleration and power.  

Going for a leisurely ride through the park?

Switch on Cool Mode and apply a bit of electric acceleration to aid your pedaling for a carefree joyride. 

Want to feel the thrill of maximum riding energy? 

Switch to Dynamic Mode to reach top speeds and new horizons. 

Simple three-step folding: Just unlatch the Z20's easy lock system on the frame and handlebar stem and you're ready to go!

Patented aluminum frame – E-biking is now breezier than ever before thanks to HIMO Z20’s modern aerodynamic frame.

Our exclusive patented frame underwent extensive road-friendliness testing and received a 3C safety rating. 

It’s time to ride in style with a bike that has it all! 

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