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Hoo(KEY) | Antimicrobial Silicone Patented No-Touch Tool

Updated: 3 days ago

HooKEY is an antimicrobial, anti-scratch, super-strong tool to open doors, press buttons, etc all contact-free & germ-free.

HOO(KEY)™ is the first patented antimicrobial silicone anti-touch tool on the market. In these uncertain times, when going into the outside world is a question mark, find security with HooKEY.

HooKEY is a durable, lightweight, antimicrobial keychain tool, with a patented design, that creates a safe way to complete everyday tasks without touching shared surfaces that harbor bacteria and viruses.

HooKEY is the perfect extension of your hand that grants you the peace of mind needed to go through everyday life.

With HooKEY you can push, pull, and press your way through life to live contact-free and worry-free!

Choose your color and increase your self-protection today with Hoo(KEY)!

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