• Chris

I'm Back® 35 | An 80's camera that takes digital photos?

Are you analog and have a roll already? I am not jealous. I'm Back®35.

Give a second life to your vintage analog photo camera, take it out from the shelf or box and start shooting digital photos and video! 

New technology. New and more ergonomic design. New battery with high performance.

I'm Back®35. Because the pleasure of photography has no age."

Easy to install. Remove the cover. Fit the dedicated or universal cover.

Fix the screw to the tripod hole.

Fit to I'm Back®35.

More ergonomic. Smaller the mirror and therefore better viewing through the viewfinder.

The I' am Back 35 comes with a new 2 inch Touch screen display.

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.

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