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idMASK 2.0 Skins Edition | Airtight Respirator mask

Updated: Jul 30

The Reusable Mask that Doesn’t Leak, Certified KN90

Every layer locks together for an airtight fit and high-efficiency filtration.

Unlike disposable N95 masks, idMASK’s soft silicone facial seal creates an airtight seal between your face and the sides of the mask, giving you one truly efficient respirator. 

Super breathable high-efficiency electrostatic filter media are made in England, and capture more than 90% of harmful micro particles in the air.

idMASK 2.0 filter uses the same media as N95 masks, protecting you from particles the size of Viruses, bacteria, pollen, asbestos, cement, smog and smoke. 

The poly-carbonate frame can bend but not shatter, protecting the user's face in the event of an impact.

Select from a variety of Skins that click-in to idMASK 2.0, one included per mask. Each skin has a 'click in' attachment and is machine-washable.

The idMASK 2.0 can be worn with or without the colorful Skins. We recommend going without Skins for maximum breathability during exercise.

In 2019, idMASK received The China Social Impact Award presented by the British Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the United Nations. 

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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