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iTemp | Stay Warm and Heated Perpetually

Updated: Jul 30

Enjoy drinks and food at a personalized temperature with Smart Mug and Bowl.

Too hot? Too cold? Why can’t it be just right?

We designed iTemp to conform to your exact preference.

Through our dedicated app, you get personalized temperature control.

Whether you want to heat up, cool down, or maintain temperature, you’ll have everything under control.

iTemp can let you quickly set a specific temperature that you want your coffee or drinks to remain at and stay there constantly.

What about the trustworthy thermos you say? While we are certain your thermos can’t do the following. Heating, setting a timer, detecting weight, or maintaining heat for ensuring every sip will be the same temperature as the last. 

With iTemp heating solution, you have the ability to heat up your drink and food anytime, anywhere. No longer will you be bound by the limitations of a thermos.

We made it super intuitive for users to enjoy a cup of warm coffee.

From temperature control, heating timer to hydration tracking, our companion app does it all without breaking a sweat.

Want to make sure every sip of coffee tastes like it’s straight out of a coffee shop? Simply place it on the coaster and the built-in temperature sensor will measure the heat and keep it constantly warm.

iTemp app allows you to preset the temperature of your preference. Simply double-tap the coaster, it’ll start heating up until it reaches your setting. No more fumbling with the app. 

You can program iTemp to start heating at any time. Select your content, time and temperature, and enjoy the warmest food right through our app.

The built-in weight sensor detects how much volume of water is consumed. A weekly chart breaks down your water consumption and average drinking temperature. You’ll be able to monitor your hydration level at all times.

We also designed a smart bowl, with the exact same material, same component, same functionality, except it’s bigger. Enjoy food from soup, ramen, to your mama’s secret stew recipe in our modern looking bowl.

To minimize the trouble of bringing multiple pieces of accessories, we made both the smart bowl and smart mug sharing the same heating mechanism and dimensions, allowing the heating coaster to be used interchangeably.

Make the best coffee and your favorite meals, Change the way you drink and eat today using iTemp today!

"People who love to eat are always the best people " :)

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