Just Mobile ShutterGrip 2

The Bluetooth Pocket-Size Transforming Grip for Street Photography


by Just Mobile

$223,519 USD by 4,317 backers

$203,169 USD by 3,956 backers on Jan 11, 2020 with another platform

We do this everyday – mobile photography. But whenever we want to take that one shot,  obstacles stand in our way.

Ever since we released the original ShutterGrip™ a year ago, enthusiastic backers have been giving us valuable usage and product enhancement feedback. We took them to heart. Now, we are excited to unveil the second generation ShutterGrip™ with a brand new finish and more flexible ways of controlling the smartphone camera in your pocket.

No matter how difficult the shooting task, ShutterGrip™ 2 can easily transform your smartphone into a serious camera on-the-fly to take that momentous shot firmly and securely.

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