Kinekt Suspension Stem | Smooth Out Every Ride.

Introducing the Kinekt Active Suspension Stem. It helps eliminate harsh bumps and annoying vibrations.

When cycling, there’s not much worse than rough pavement, potholes, cracks, and the vibrations from dirt and gravel roads. Numb hands, sore wrists, tight neck, and shoulders!

We’ve experienced the same aches and pains. So we built on the success of our Kinekt Suspension Seatpost, using the same patented parallelogram design, and created the Kinekt Active Suspension Stem. It smooths out every ride. You get more comfort, better control on your bike, and less fatigue. It’s a total game-changer.


It's a great ride. Add a Kinekt Active Suspension Stem to your bike, and you’ll immediately feel the difference. It’s amazing. Our proven parallelogram spring design helps eliminate high frequency vibrations that cause common cycling complaints. You’ll be a lot more comfortable, with less pain and less fatigue when you ride.

Recent studies have shown that these are the most common upper body complaints by cyclists. It was determined that rough roads decrease cycling power, increase stress levels, and even cause lack of control and diminished vision. In fact, vibrations from 1 hour of cycling was found equal to 4 hours of heavy tractor use.* Ouch!

*The Impact of Vibration on Comfort and Bodily Stress While Cycling by John Parkin, PhD and Sainte Cluque, and Influence of Vibration on Work Performance during Ergometer Cycling by Björn Samuelson, Lennart Jorfeldt, and Björn Ahlborg.

We’ve taken our tried-and-true Active Suspension System and engineered it to work seamlessly with your handlebars. The Kinekt Stem will smooth out gravel grades, chip seal roads, cracked pavement, and all rough riding surfaces. Our engineers used our patented parallelogram design to deliver vibration isolation. It will keep you both comfortable and in control. You get precise steering for the confidence you want to tame any terrain.

The Kinekt Stem spring system absorbs uncomfortable bumps and jolts and actually improves the way your bike handles. You get a more comfortable ride and better handling, and you DON'T need proprietary damper cartridges, heavy and expensive fork upgrades, or complicated wheel and tire modifications. It's simple and it works!

Now you can handle all sorts of challenging roads, trails, and terrain with confidence. The Kinekt Active Suspension Stem effectively isolates your body from all sorts of jarring bumps and vibrations, improving comfort, control, and traction. You get 20mm of active travel, and the patented parallelogram design ensures torsional rigidity for optimal control.


Bike parts shouldn't be complicated to use--we want every cyclist to enjoy our stem. So we designed it to be super easy to install and adjust. All it takes is a 2.5mm Allen wrench to swap out springs. Every Kinekt Stem comes with three spring options (soft, medium, and firm), so you can quickly tune your ride based on the terrain, your bike, and your preferred riding style.

The Kinekt Stem is designed around a standard 1 ⅛” bicycle steerer tube with a 31.8mm handlebar clamp diameter. Our 7° rise stem is available in three lengths: 90mm, 105mm, and 120mm. Our 30° rise stem comes in a 100mm length. All 4 stems are made with:

  • Lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum

  • High-quality IGUS bushings

  • Stainless steel hardware


Each Kinekt Stem provides 20mm of active travel in a durable, maintenance-free package.

  • Significantly reduces high-frequency vibration on rough and uneven terrain

  • Comes with 3 springs (Soft, Medium, Firm) so you can adjust your ride

  • Compatible with most handlebars (shims maybe required for some bars)

  • Control and steering are not compromised

  • Much lighter than a suspension fork

  • Adaptable for your current bike

The Kinekt Active Suspension Seatpost has been available for over six years, and cyclists love it! Happy customers have ridden many thousands of miles on our world-renowned Seatpost. We used the same patented design and obsessive engineering to build the Kinekt Stem. When you support our Kickstarter campaign, you can be one of the first riders to enjoy the comfort of our new Stem. You can ALSO pick up one of our Kinekt Suspension Seatposts at a discount. That's the Ultimate Comfort Upgrade!

Thousands of riders have enjoyed our Kinekt Seatpost. It has proven performance on rough pavement, gravel, dirt roads and trails alike. Like our Seatpost, our new Stem is perfect for gravel, e-bike, commuter, tandem, and performance road cyclists.

E-bikes are becoming more and more popular. But e-bikes are often more rigid than other bikes and can transmit more road shock directly to the rider. The Kinekt Stem helps alleviate this issue.

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