LastTissue™ - The Reusable Tissue Pack

If a Kleenex pack and a Handkerchief had a Baby

We would like to introduce you to LastTissue. It’s like if a handkerchief and a tissue pack had a baby 👶.

We're bringing you the best of both worlds: the easy, on-the-go 🚶‍♀️ availability of the tissue pack and the environmentally-friendly🌱, soft-on-the-nose handkerchief. We want to bring the handkerchief back into mainstream culture.

Simply take a tissue from the bottom, use it, and then store it on top of the marked-tissue barrier. This way, you’ll push the clean tissues down, making them ready to use and dividing them from the used. You’ll know you’re on your last tissue when the marked one appears - that means it’s cleaning time. After washing, you repack and use them all over again.

💧Every time you blow your nose with a LastTissue, you save 2 liters of water.

⚡It takes 3 times more energy to produce paper tissues compared to the reusable cotton tissues.

😲 With one LastTissue pack you will save the planet from more than 2800 single-use tissues as well as their plastic packaging.

Imagine a world with more trees🌳, less production⚙️, less shipping✈️ and less CO2 emissions. Imaging a world with objects that last. Together let us reduce - and even eliminate - the need for single-use products.

Every day 22,000 trees🌳 are cut down just to supply facial tissues for The US. Imagine how many trees are cut down worldwide. This is simply unnecessary. Reusability can make a huge difference.

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