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Levigato | The Fitness Mats

Updated: Jul 30

A Fitness Mat That's Foldable, Portable, Stackable, and Durable Enough for All Your Workouts

Levigato Fitness Mats
Levigato Fitness Mats

The feature that sets this mat apart from any other is the way it folds in a matter of seconds and is pulled together with embedded magnets.

Levigato Fitness Mats

The Levigato Fitness Mat’s innovative construction not only looks sleek, it is easily transported and stacked.

Levigato Fitness Mats

Unlike most other mats, the Levigato Fitness Mats are resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria, and odor.

Levigato Fitness Mats

Easily keep your mat clean and fresh with a quick scrub using soap and water. 

Alignment guides are great for beginner and advanced yogis alike to ensure proper form, flow, and stability.

Levigato Fitness Mats

Both sides of the Levigato Fitness Mat have unique features giving you the ultimate versatility in your workouts.

The reverse side of the mat has excellent strength, durable cushioning, and resilient shock absorption.   

Levigato Fitness Mats

This classic collection of colors will be available to any backer, chosen after the campaign ends.

Levigato Fitness Mats

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