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The waist trainer for the modern age.

The new moon cutout underneath the chest is more comfortable and easy to wear, avoiding the discomfort of a traditional corset that cuts into the top ribs.

Easy adaptation: Designed for women with various torso shapes and statures, naturally comfortable and convenient for exercise.

Breathable mesh design: high aesthetics, enhanced breathability after wearing so that the skin can breathe more during exercise, make the skin more comfortable, and enhance sweat emission. 

Ergonomically correct: 15 steel bones wrap around the waist, providing the perfect balance of support, the shape, and comfort–while also giving golden proportion to waist and hips.

High-quality steel keel: high elasticity, though high resilience, better body support, long-term repeated wear, and near-impossible to deform.

Smooth body curve: 100% close to the spine, adapt to the body curve

Health correction: Office work can force you into a non-ergonomic posture. Wearing a LissommeX waist trainer regularly can help correct this.

*And we promise--no photoshop was used in the making of these photos.

On average, people who wore the LissommeX regularly saw their waist size drop by  2-3cm (0.8 to 1.1 inches).

The LissommeX is made to fit a large variety of sizes, and adapt to fit as your measurements change over time.

The mesh serves not only to add breathability but also helps with sizing.

When you can see the mesh, it means you are wearing the right size, if you don't see the mesh, it means the waist trainer is too large for you and it's time to size down.

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