Lumonitor | 4K Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Ultralight | Touchscreen | 4K Resolution | Built-in battery | Universally Compatible | Plug and Play

Tired of being tied down by wires? Sick of being stuck at a desk? Get ready to unplug and go with Lumonitor, the self-powered portable monitor in brilliant 4K. Razor-thin and ready for anything, Lumonitor turns any device into a 4K powerhouse. Its host of high-speed ports and built-in battery liberate your bag from clutter and keep your devices fully charged no matter where you are. Or, unplug completely and use Lumonitor as a 15,6” 4K tablet. Whether you want to work, game, create, or entertain, you can do it better on Lumonitor.

The mind-blowing depth and clarity of Ultra-HD 4K is at your fingertips with Lumonitor. Gaming has never been more immersive. Your shows and movies have never been more explosive. And when it comes time to present for work, there’s no mistaking the brilliance of 4K over the pixelated tablets and powerpoints of the other guys. 

4K is no longer just for TVs and hefty desktop monitors. Now, you can unplug and enjoy 4K anywhere with Lumonitor.

Lumonitor’s brand-new PinPoint touch technology upgrades touch responsivity for the 4K generation. More pixels mean more precision, and Lumonitor has the responsivity that photo editors, designers, and artists need to get the job done with pinpoint accuracy.

Touch and stylus ready, Lumonitor responds to the broadest strokes down to the finest finishing touches. Enjoy confident control and satisfying fluidity with PinPoint touch.

Lumonitor is the lightest, slimmest, and sleekest portable monitor you’ve ever seen.  At less than 6 mm wide (yes, you read that correctly!) and just 1.3 lbs, Lumonitor is lighter and slimmer than an iPad. Actually, it's slimmer than any tablet or monitor of its kind.

Because it can replace a bunch of your other devices (tablet, chargers, dongles, adapters, speakers, etc.), it’s guaranteed to save an exponential amount of space while lightening your load considerably.

Streamline your productivity whether alone or with your team. This makes it super easy to collaborate, share, and pass around the conference table when the ideas start to flow. Have you ever brainstormed with 4K at your fingertips? 

Lumonitor’s plug-and-play simplicity means it has no learning curve. Your entire team can collaborate with zero training, and your friends and family can share their photos, music, and movies in amazing 4K and Hi-Fi sound from whatever device they prefer. 

Need multiple screens to boost your productivity? Lumonitor supports connection to multiple displays. Have everything you need to jumpstart your day in front of you.

Looking to multi-task? You can enjoy your favorite games while still being able to browse online and chat with friends. 

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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