MAGCON – The most versatile and portable design tool

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

A mini compass and protractor combo to perfect sketching and create a new drawing experience.

Designed for portability, MAGCON is intended to be a portable stationery item which fits in your notepad like a glove. Not only does it work great as a straight and curved metallic ruler, it is also a compass and a protractor. With a MAGCON in hand, you will be well-equipped to draw perfect circles and patterns effortlessly.

MAGCON is a highly portable multi-functional stationery item with many more handy capabilities than a traditional compass. It doesn’t poke holes through the paper as it has no sharp point, and yet is still stable enough to not move around thanks to the specially designed rolling base.

MAGCON is an innovative pocket-sized drawing tool tailor-made for designers, artists, architects, journal enthusiasts, mandalas lovers, illustrators, tattoo artists, students, and creative professionals.

The first attachable wing is a reinvention of the traditional compass. It gives you the power to draw perfect circles, from radius 16mm to 80mm (holes are spaced at 4mm increments). It also doubles as a ruler, which enables you to draw straight lines, angles and beautiful arcs.

A longer version straight wing for drawing bigger circles, from radius 16mm to 140mm.

The second wing gives designers the flexibility to draw beautiful curves and angles. Curved lines, arcs, ellipses, hexagons, and circles can be drawn from radius 18mm to 77mm.

Designers can choose either, or both, of these wings for their creations. Most of them prefer a combo to support their limitless creativity.

MAGCON is also a protractor for high-precision arcs.

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