Magic Plate

A magical camera quick release plate No need to remove it from the ball head You can quickly switch between portrait and landscape mode.

Don’t need to remove it from the Ballhead

Just press the Magic Release Button to tilt the camera

You can quickly switch between vertical and horizontal mode

This is The lightest solution ever for portrait (vertical) mode

When you want to compose your photos vertically, you will tilt your ballhead

It is difficult to adjust the ballhead freely.

Perhaps buying L-brackets is a solution.

Because of its size and weight, you may consider not to use it.

It may make the battery cover blocked and the use of the shutter release cable influenced.

We want to provide a better solution for you so that's why we started this marvelous project.

Just press the Magic Button to unlock and flip the camera

You can switch to the portrait mode easily.

All you need to do is tighten the Lock Handle to fix the camera

The Magic Plate will allow you to release exposure in silence corner.

The function of Magic Plate is similar to L brackets.

The size and weight is half as much as L-brackets

Compatible with most Arca compatibility.

Standard Strap hole

Compatible with Peak Design Capture Clip v3

I am a user of PD

They develop many amazing products such as Capture Clip

I like to use PD's Capture Clip, So I have to add this function in my product

Hopefully, we have a place like PD in the market.

Numerous prototypes were designed and tested

We inspect the structure of locking functions of 0 & 90 degree

Multiple functions were created for this magical gadget.

We designed and refined it.

Finally, the fantastic Magic Plate was created

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