MARKSMITH | Titanium Bolt Action Marker w/ Sharpie® Cartridge

Carry the world's first titanium retractable permanent marker every day to make a bold statement on surfaces that a pen can't write on.

Digital devices may have replaced pens for daily writing tasks, but there’s one thing that still can’t be done with a computer or smartphone…

Permanently write on any object. (Like marking your name on the energy drink in the office fridge so Bret doesn’t down it.)

While there are many options for stylish and durable pens that I would be proud to carry…

There are ZERO options for a retractable permanent marker that meets my high standards, until...

I set out to design and make the world's first all-metal (Titanium), retractable, Sharpie® style permanent marker...

MARKSMITH /märkˌsmiTH/ noun: a skilled user of markers.

BAM! /bam!/ acronym: Bolt Action Marker!

First and foremost, Marksmith is a permanent felt-tipped marker with genuine Sharpie® brand cartridge, which means you can write on anything. The tip is the most common and useful general-purpose Sharpie® size, "fine", and the ink is black. It is not the ultra-fine tip that has a tip more like a pen.

In addition to being able to mark on any surface, Marksmith is the perfect companion for drawing and sketching on paper too. Thin(ish) lines can be drawn using the fine point, or broad lines if you use the wide edge. I use the Marksmith to make wide, dark lines to highlight engineering design sketches.

Grade 5 Titanium alloy will ensure that it can withstand the elements. Titanium is highly prized for its strength, lightweight, and corrosion resistance. It’s one of the most corrosion-resistant metals, so it won’t rust or oxidize. Therefore titanium does not have to be coated or anodized like aluminum and steel, so there is no surface coating that can be scratched off. What you see is naked titanium in all its glory.

The bolt action is inspired by the mechanism used in rifles. This superior method of extension and retraction provides an elegant and secure mechanical lock without parts that will wear out or break.

I’ve modified the bolt motion so that it securely locks in place and requires only a push to the side to release and retract.

I’ve never mastered the art of removing a permanent marker cap with only one hand. Have you? It’s so annoying to have to set down the object to be marked in order to use both hands to remove the marker cap, place it on the top of the marker, and then write, only to have to repeat the same steps in reverse when finished. BAM! problem solved!

The perfect weight, the ideal size, the premium titanium and the smooth motion of the slide make using the marker a super satisfying experience. The release was specially designed with a shallow detent to keep it securely in place and requires only a simple flick to the side to retract.

The bolt action is fun to fidget with! With a nice weight and balance, the marker is also excellent for flipping between your fingers.

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