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Updated: Mar 5

STRAFFR is a smart resistance band that makes working-out simple, effective, and personalized.

STRAFFR is a smart resistance band and training platform that makes working-out simple, effective, and personalized. What’s more, the compact design means this pocket-friendly equipment is your new travel buddy. Just grab it and go!


Our increasingly busy lives make it hard to squeeze in time for anything, let alone working-out. Research suggests that only 21% of adults meet physical activity guidelines, while less than 5% perform 30 minutes of physical activity per day. And we bet you feel it! This leads to weak muscles, bad posture and pain. So, we developed STRAFFR, to make your personal training easier and smarter than ever before.


Want to workout but always finding excuses not to? It’s raining outside. There’s one more email to send. The kids need their dinner. Can’t afford the monthly gym membership. We’ve heard it all before. But that’s where resistance band training comes into its own. All you need is a little floor space and a spare 20 minutes to have a full-body workout - without even leaving the house!

Resistance bands are great for:

With hundreds of exercises for all muscle groups, you can train your whole body, just like you would with free weights or weight machines.

Despite these well-known benefits, classic resistance bands lack quantification. In the gym, it’s easy to measure your progress as you increase the weights you lift. However, with traditional resistance bands, you can only estimate how much weight you are actually moving. This makes it difficult to track your progress and stay motivated. What’s more, it can be hard to know exactly how to use a resistance band optimally when training without a PT.


Our patent-pending technology, featuring unique expandable sensors, makes your workout smarter and simpler than ever before. Unlike traditional resistance bands, STRAFFR provides you with live-action feedback and exercise guidance via their app, to make sure every workout counts.

What makes STRAFFR stand out?

The connected Fitness Platform guides, evaluates and records your progress throughout and after your session. STRAFFR is here to help you achieve your individual fitness goals.

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