Melbits POD | The physical-digital virtual pet evolution game

Solve ingenious challenges in nature to catch, evolve and collect kawaii creatures on your device. It's a never-ending surprise egg!!

Welcome Melbit Maker!  We're excited to introduce the Melbits POD, a magical device with physical sensors to hatch your collection of digital pixies. The POD offers endless possibilities of evolution and customization. It's a Virtual Pet (R)evolution!...

Melbits are cheerful digital pixies living inside the internet. But don't let their silly looks fool you! Melbits’ mission is to spread good vibes across the world. You’ll need to create as many as you can to counter the evil viruses who threaten us all!

Melbits are many! And every day our researchers discover new ones in the wild. You'll discover different families and breeds, all with their unique looks, functions, and personalities. They are, albeit digital, very connected to our world and they need our help!

But how do I become a Melbits Maker? How do I grow these magical pixies? They come to life through the Melbits POD!  You'll need it to harvest precious seeds, help them grow, care for them... Learn the ways of the pixies to evolve hatch your new best friends!

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