Minimal Slim Pen Wallet l A Thinnest PenWallet For Daily Use

A Sharp and minimal Bi-fold wallet with a pen slot, a smart-casual EDC wallet, and cardholder.

Hi, Kickstarters! Nice to share our Minimal Slim Pen Wallet with you a sharp and light Bi-fold wallet with pen slot.

It's thin and light, but capacity is not compromised.

How many item it carries?

The wallet can store as much as 10 Backnotes, 8 Cards and a Pen at the same time.

Main body of the wallet is colored with pure black, and the interior is outline with sharp color.

We want this wallet to be simple but not dull, minimal but no least.

Made of Hyper Strength Polyester Fabric, this wallet can withstand long-term use at the same time maintaining high abrasion resistance and water repellent.

Why Fabric, not Leather?

We want to create a wallet that is thin, light, and strong. It can be used for long time without too much maintenance. During our idea planning, we have tried leather, none of the leather we found achieved those goals. The worst is, leather cannot stand with scratches.

We went through all major supply markets, brought along with our cutter and water bottle, to simulate our goal, and finally found out the fabric we need for this wallet, a strong, light and water repellent fabric!

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