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Mokibo Folio | The Keyboard *IS* The Trackpad

Light and thin keyboard with the keys that also function as a trackpad.

Mokibo is a full-size keyboard in which the keyboard surface also functions as a trackpad. Your fingers don't have to leave the keyboard to move the mouse cursor.

In previous versions of Mokibo, the entire keyboard was a trackpad.

With the new Mokibo Folio, only the right side is used as a trackpad.

Therefore, you can leave your left hand on the keyboard while using the trackpad with your right hand.

Also, the hidden Mokibo Folio trackpad is almost three times larger than some premium trackpads, so you don't have to rub the trackpad multiple times to move the pointer to where you want it. 

Mokibo uses a pantograph keyboard, which is the most widely used type of keyboard in laptop computers, so it will have a familiar feel providing comfort and enabling fast typing.

Mokibo Folio feels like a standard laptop keyboard because that’s what it is.

The trackpad is conveniently hidden underneath the right half of the keyboard saving space and minimizing hand movements.

Mokibo uses a lightweight yet solid material to maximize the portability of your smart device.

Time to reexperience using Apple iPad with Mokibo Folio

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