Morsel Spork Metal

Ultralight metal spork with a high-temp silicone scraping edge. A versatile utensil for wherever your adventures take you.

Two years ago we set out to design the ultimate cooking and eating utensil.  The result was the original Morsel, a spoon, fork, and spatula in one awesome utensil. We ended up shipping over 18,000 Morsel Sporks to 5400+ backers.

Now we're back with Morsel Metal - an ultralight metal and high-temp silicone spork.

Why? Because you asked for it.


You gave us the idea!  We heard from countless fans of the original Morsel that we needed to offer a metal option, so we decided to make it happen. After stumbling down a rabbit hole of ultralight metals, we decided that 7075-T6 aluminum was the only choice.

We’ve improved on our original design by swapping plastic for hard anodized 7075-T6 aluminum and a fully wrapped high-temp silicone spoon.

Did we mention it comes in four different flavors?

Choose from 7.5 inch or 10.5 inch lengths.

Available with our signature silicone spoon, or our ultralight all-metal design.

Oh yeah, we also designed a carrying case made from recycled ocean plastics.

Morsel Metal's signature asymmetric shape fits where other utensils fail, so you can scrape every last bite, every time.

Morsel Metal's fork is designed for serious forking. We never understood the use of itty-bitty tines at the end of a spoon. The spork world deserves better, so we're here to deliver.


Compared to titanium,  7075-T6 aluminum has a better strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight. Basically, it's stronger and lighter.

Morsel Metal's hard anodized coating acts as an ultra-hard, ultra-durable skin to protect and seal the metal.

7075-T6 Aluminum is used in the construction of airplanes, bicycle frames, and now, finally... Sporks.

How light? Morsel Metal is one of the lightest utensils out there!  Our lightest Morsel Metal weighs in at a featherweight 0.5 ounces.

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