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Updated: Mar 3

An eco-friendly duvet, engineered to maintain the salubrious sleeping temperature and to supply your skin with Vitamin E.

MOSSLEEP is a premium-grade, eco-friendly duvet that will help you maintain the perfect sleeping temperature while it nourishes your skin with Vitamin E throughout the night.

MOSSLEEP is made of Lyocell, with a patented, environmentally friendly procedure that fuses active substances (micro-composite heat accumulators & Vitamin E) into the cellulose matrix. This ensures that the benefits of the functional fibers are permanent—even after you wash the fabric!

The MOSSLEEP duvet for perfect sleep with thermoregulation technology and Vitamin E inside.

The Problem: Shifts in Temperature Are Wrecking Your Sleep

It’s difficult to fall asleep when you feel way too hot, but it’s even harder to stay asleep when your body temperature drops so much you feel like you’re in the Arctic.

It’s just as annoying to wake up sweltering at 2 a.m., even though you went to bed feeling cool.

It’s natural for our bodies to struggle to maintain an optimal temperature when the environment becomes too hot or too cold.

● When you’re too warm, your body thinks it’s time to get up for the day (because our bodies associate heat with activity).

● When you’re too cold, your body wakes you up to get you moving again (because our bodies want to keep us from freezing to death).

But temperature shifts don’t just wake you up—they make it difficult for you to slip into the stages of a deep sleep, especially REM. This means you could be losing valuable rest that you need to remain alert the next day and healthy in the long run!

How can you protect yourself from these interruptions when you can’t predict your body’s temperature at night?

The Solution: Maintain Your Ideal Sleeping Temperature

The answer for a society that struggles to wake refreshed and energetic: patented and certified Phase Change Material fiber technology.

We make smart fiber fillings from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees and use the latest fiber spinning process to embed paraffin (a refined plant oil extracted from rape flowers) into the Lyocell fibers, which creates micro-composite heat accumulators.

Vitamin E, an antioxidant superstar, is integrated into the Lyocell fibers of MOSSLEEP’s outer shell. Vitamin E is well know for it's special benefits:

Because Vitamin E can be easily absorbed through the skin, using MOSSLEEP guarantees continuous skincare through the large-scale transfer of Vitamin E from the fabric to your skin—and all you have to do is get a good night’s sleep!

Because we care deeply about our planet and want to make it a better place, we found the most sustainable and innovative ways to produce MOSSLEEP duvets and bed linen.

Our Lyocell fibers define a new standard of sustainability:

They originate from renewable, raw wood and are fully biodegradable and compostable. They are also manufactured through an environmentally responsible production process—a process that received the EU’s European Business Award for the Environment. Not only are emissions very low, but 99% of the chemicals and solvents are recovered and recycled. Compared to cotton, it uses 20 times less water in production.

Because Lyocell is composed of hydrophilic nanofibrils (incredibly tiny fibers that attract water), it has a unique moisture absorption ability that makes it softer, more breathable, and less prone to wrinkle. This means it doesn’t collect as much odor or bacteria as other fabrics and it can be washed less often.

As a result, you have the assurance that when you back this project you are doing your part to protect the environment.

MOSSLEEP is far more than the science that engineers it. We made a product that looks and feels just as great as it performs.

The MOSSLEEP duvet design is inspired by modern and futuristic trends in home decor. Its geometric pattern is versatile and timeless, and the soft, neutral colours make it fit seamlessly into many different interior styles.

The MOSSLEEP duvet with Paraffin Thermoregulation technology and integrated Vitamin E is now available for Single, Twin, Double/King EU, Queen, and King and Super King size beds.

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